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When Riding:

Your ability to see and be seen are extremely important….and as a bunch of motorheads ourselves, there are two things that can ruin the two wheel experience; 1) other idiots on the road, 2) other idiots on the road, and 3) boring stock parts. The new Endicators from Morimoto help solve both of these problems!

Mr. Clean:

There’s nothing worse than stock signals sticking out like a sore thumb on your custom motorcycle. Here, less is definitely more since the Endicators keep you street legal with less clutter. Nailed it!

Industry First:

Bright white LED daytime running light that illuminates from both the front and back and end of the unit to provide visibility to others while you ride along. Hit the turn signal, and the white daytime running light turns off and the equally bright amber LED signal flashes. The white DRL will automatically return once the signal stops. Now thats trick!

All in the Optics:

Outfitted with completely custom optics that help to distribute the light evenly and in all the right directions, there is more tech going on here than what simply meets the eye from the outside. Behind those optics, CREE XBD LED chips are driven by proprietary voltage regulators, giving these a virtually infinite lifespan.


With traditional handlebars, clip-ons, ape hangers, drag bars, etc. really any style you’re rocking on your bike. They include three different rubber compression fittings allowing them to fit tightly inside of handlebars that range from 14-20mm in inside diameter. Tighten the 9mm nut with an open-ended wrench at the base just enough to expand the rubber fitting. Route the wiring over to the triple tree and out the handlebar. Press the bar end in place. Done.


OK so they don’t have a beard, nor can we guarantee they’ll make yours grow in any thicker, but they sure are beefy! Their body is CNC machined from a single block of 6061 billet aluminum, then anodized with a beautiful black finish. Functional. Looks good. Built to Last. Won’t break the bank. We like it!

Hyper Flash:

If you’re riding a BMW or other CANBUS-equipped bike and plan to replace the original incandescent signals all together with these: You may need to add some resistors into the circuit to avoid hyper flashing. If you’re just adding these in conjunction with the OEM turn signals, they should draw so little power that the bike’s computer won’t be of the wiser.


We have been doing this for more than a decade. If you are still unsure of what to do, where to go, or just plain have questions, don’t be shy. We are always here to help you in every way that we can and will continue to keep helping out until you fully understand the entire process from start to finish. Remember, we are people too, and everyone starts off the same way with knowing nothing so we completely understand if this is overwhelming for you as we were in the same boat. So contact us and we will get you started towards the right path.


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