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As all air-cooled Porsches may be to drive during the day, we are proud and excited to offer the best forward lighting upgrade money can buy to Porsche enthusiasts for their classic air-cooled car!


No kidding, these headlights will literally out-perform the $2000 bi-xenon option on the latest Porsche 991. They’re designed around the latest bi-xenon projector from Morimoto and produce an extremely wide, extremely bright, and perfectly distributed beam of light in low beam mode. Their bi-xenon high beam opens a literal flood gate inside the projector to illuminate a virtually unlimited range of road ahead.


Their simplistic design was inspired by the headlights that Singer Design builds for their half-million dollar Porsche restorations. We take it a step further and allow you to customize options such as the interior and exterior trim color, the style of the outside glass lenses, and even engrave the projector lens with something that’s special to you (Porsche, 911, RWB, you name it!).

Plug n Play:

With the included Bi-xenon relay wire harness, everything will be plug-n-play after removing your stock headlights. No cutting, splicing, or complicated re-wiring is required to translate the signals from your factory headlight harness to control the new bi-xenon system.


Since these headlights are built according to each buyer’s individual requirements, they take 10-14 days to deliver. Once your order is finalized, it cannot be changed, nor are these eligible for return. Thankfully, not many kids can afford air-cooled’s these days, so we thank you for your patience and understanding in advance!


We have been doing this for more than a decade. If you are still unsure of what to do, where to go, or just plain have questions, don’t be shy. We are always here to help you in every way that we can and will continue to keep helping out until you fully understand the entire process from start to finish. Remember, we are people too, and everyone starts off the same way with knowing nothing so we completely understand if this is overwhelming for you as we were in the same boat. So contact us and we will get you started towards the right path.


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