Quad Projector Setup II HID Retrofit
Quad Projector Setup II Quad HID projector “level 2” setup is kind of like the original quad HID projector. Honestly, this was a “test” that we wanted to see how it would work and perform. Surprisingly, it is pretty good for what it is. It definitely helps with light output as well as increased width. The second set of projectors is mounted at a slight angle outward to “throw” that light to the sides to help increase your width. Do we recommend this? Well that really depends on what type of setup or style you are really looking to go for. For example, LS430 projectors are considered to be THE widest projector on the market, where it shoots the light at almost 180 degrees to the left and right of your vehicle. Most projectors out there will be more on the 120-140 degree at most on average (This is just estimation. We could be a little off), so the added projector will probably end up adding an additional 20 degrees at most.

So we are sure that you must wonder, then why not use the LS430 projectors and be done with it? Because the projectors are so large, they will not fit into just any headlight. Only very few headlights that have large reflector bowls will be able to accept these large headlights. So the “level 2” method is to try and “imitate” the look of what the LS430 can do on its own, but at least adding more light.


Pros:  Added width and light output.

Cons:  Sacrificing a set of projectors to throw light out to the sides rather than focusing it more in the front.


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