Amber Reflectors
Hyundai Sonata Amber Reflectors Removed VS. Hyundai Sonata OEM Amber Reflectors

Removing your factory OEM amber reflectors can be a good or more than likely a bad thing. We understand that the “JDM” or “Euro” style is the look a lot of people would like to go for, which means that clear look. Depending on the vehicles, some will look good and ok, but most will look like something is out of place. For the untrained eye, most people may not notice, even if that, but let’s look into and let us explain why. From the factory, when these headlights were designed, they have molded every piece to fit perfectly with each other in its own specific locations within the housing. That means there are indentation marks for each reflector piece that there may be. If this piece is removed, with a quick glance, it may look ok, but with further inspection, you will notice holes/slit marks for the reflector pieces to physically clip itself in. There is nothing you can do to cover or hide these pieces without extensive amounts of labor with fiberglassing as well as repainting it chrome. Your best option would be to use your original OEM headlights and replacing this reflector piece with one that comes from either an aftermarket headlight with the clear or possibly custom making one if applicable. Here are some examples to show you of what it looks like with it removed as opposed to have it replaced with an aftermarket piece or custom made.

If you don’t want to do either one, but also not having that indentation look, your best bet would be to paint it silver or paint it with the same color your housing is.

Honda Accord Amber Reflector Tinting VS. Honda Accord OEM Amber Reflector

Amber reflector tinting is to darken the overall amber color to give it a different look but still allowing some light to pass through the reflectors. Need we say more?

Scion tC Amber Reflector Painting VS. Sciion tC OEM Amber Reflector

As stated above within the “Amber Reflector Removal” section, this is mostly for those that do not want to remove the current reflector to have it more “filled” and OEM looking. But just note that once it is painted, no light will pass through. Some amber reflectors don’t have light anyways, so it should be ok.

Chevrolet Trailblazer Custom Relectors VS. Chevrolet Trailblazer OEM Reflectors

If none of the above is even an option, the only other way would be to build a custom reflector piece. Currently, we have only been able to do this on selected vehicles, so this will not apply for all. Building these reflectors are also not the easiest, so additional charges will apply depending on difficultness.


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